by Kam Claudel

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It's an EP about Devilman: The Birth
recorded on potato


released October 19, 2016




Kam Claudel Virginia

hey im kam i love space, driving up and down virginia, and earnestly liking dorky things

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Track Name: Snakes in the Underpass
Take a shortcut home tonight
Replace the bandages wrapped round your head
She'll clean what's crusted, do what you can't
And these days you can't do that much

What you can do is feed the rabbits
You can clean the litter, you can give them lettuce
It gives you a sense of purpose
It lets you think that you're worth it

some punks your age came in today
they wield their abandon like their shiny terrible switchblade knife and you
you did what you had to, to protect your furry friends
it didnt do them much good in the end

the sun warms your skin but the heat wont help
your hearts sinking with love and sorrow
feet scuffin the pavement like blade on bone
when you take that shortcut home
Track Name: Exit 108
it's that feeling in the pit of your stomach
when you see him again
it's been years, too many, you think
he was once your very best friend

you feel it, that deep recognition
"how the hell you been keeping?" you say
it doesnt do your gut justice
but it's the first thing you tell him to his face

his hair's longer than you recall
he's got a lil mullet, and if you're honest, it's cute
his face has matured, fallen serious
you worry something terrible happened

he asks where youre headed
you tell him that you're on your way home
he says that he's got something to show you
could you spare a moment?

and he takes you to his father's car
and he leads you there by the hand
"it's inherited," he tells you
your breath catches in your chest

and you wonder if he's living alright
and you hope he isn't fully alone
he pulls off the highway
He puts his hand on yours and he drives on
Track Name: Song 3
of all the things you said to me
in the desperate last five minutes
the one that stopped me cold in my tracks
was when you said this is the end of it

and i, i'm well aware
of the stakes when you say such things
we havent met eyes in years
you mean so much to me

you listed the risks one by one
each more dire than the last
you said you knew it would come to this
that we'd be visited by demons

and you, you shook and you cried
when you told me of how we'd survive
"we have to become one" you said
"to make it out alive"

and i, i tried
to change the world for the better
i put my hands together
na man da bu
we'd save this town if it kills us
we'd save the world if it kills us
we'd end it all if it helps us
na man da bu

you chuffed your cigarette by the door
and you looked me dead in the eye
"theres a chance we wont be saved" you said
if we're not good enough

the purest of heart will go on
those with darkness in them will fall
this judgement will decide our fate
this might be the end of us

the rain spat on the windows
in the house your father left you
i sat in thought on the third bed youd slept in
so the demons out side wont detect you

and i said, "whatever you need,
"ill do whatever it takes
"i'll be by your side til the end
"bet your life on that"

and we, man we tried
to change the world for the better
we drew first blood when we saw em
na man da bu
we'd save this town if it kills us
we'd save the world if it kills us
we'd lose it all just to help us
na man da bu
Track Name: Last One
songs are a slow burn process
and things that i have to say wont
come out as fast as i thought em
it's a worry i have often

and when demons are coming and
the sky is raining fire upon us
my song wont help us
my song won't save anyone

will you hold my hand as i
breathe my last breath
while im still son of man
while i feel you?

please lift our hands up
i cant feel my fingers
or your warmth and the sight
will be comfort

raise me from the ground
you've charmed me again
i'm sorry that you have to see this

raise me from the ground
i've fallen in love again
i'm so sorry you have to see this
Track Name: I-95
i died on I-95
in your arms, on the shoulder
where you had pulled over
you'd conquered your demons and
i had fallen to mine

you'd turned to check on me
in the passengers seat
i was no longer breathing
my heart was still beating but
there came no fog in the cold air

and i, i am so grateful
for all the things that you've done
you've brought me to rest
at the shoulder
at 1 in the morning